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Shoaib Hashmi

A teacher through and through, Shoaib Hashmi is famous for his prolific work on Pakistan Television (remember Haqar Bakar, Sach Gup and Taal Matol) and now (almost) permanent column titled Tall Matol in the News on Sunday and another regular column in the Gulf News.

After doing his MA in Economics from Government College and Msc from London School of Economics, Shoaib Hashmi also studied theater from Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London. He has been teaching economics along with all other things ever since.

Discussing why study economics he says that Economics is an integral part of all aspects of life; it always has been. Changing trends indicate that economics ranks among one of the most popular majors chosen by undergraduates, and the majority of students enroll in introductory courses in economics during their undergraduate years.

Given the impact of economic forces on our daily lives, the strong interest in economics is understandable. Completion of introductory courses in Economics provides individuals with a logical and consistent framework for understanding such basic concepts as business administration, inflation, the function of money, and budget deficits. Students who take Economics courses are better able to think critically about businesses. In addition, students gain a working knowledge of how the economy operates and adjusts to changing economic conditions.

Taking economics courses, however, provides more than mere insights into the functioning of economies. Economics is a field of growing importance as preparation for both a variety of careers and programs of advanced study. The discipline occupies a strategic place. An understanding of economics is relevant to advanced study in many other fields as well. Since economic schools are an important element of any larger sector, and since all sectors are often influenced by economic forces, an understanding of economics is important for mastery of any field of human activities.

Many careers, if not all, require the understanding and analysis of contemporary events and also are enhanced by the study of economics. These include virtually every profession one intends to pursue these days.

For all of the career possibilities available to the student of economics, well developed analytical skills and written and oral communication skills will prove to be great assets. Students are strongly encouraged to cultivate these skills in their years of education.

Professor Hashmi is recipient of the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz and the President’s Award for Pride of Performance.


posted by S A J Shirazi @ 10/09/2004 01:58:00 PM,

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