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Lahore School Thirteenth Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematical Methods, Models and Applications

The Lahore School of Economics, Department of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences hosted, Thirteenth Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematical Methods, Models and Applications (RAMMMA18)”, on 7-8 April, 2018, at the Lahore School’s Burki Campus, Amjad Chaudhry Library.

The goal of this conference was to bring together mathematicians and users of mathematics to talk to each other, to transfer problems, ideas and methods from one community to the other, so as to enhance progress in understanding. The "RAMMMA" tradition has these key features: the number of participants is usually bounded above by 80 with a mix of pure and applied interests; there are no parallel sessions so that all participants focus on each presentation and fully engage in each topic; and there is ample time for discussion of each presentation. The areas of interest of this conference were (but not limited to): Numerical Analysis; Generalization of Intuitionistic fuzzy set with Application in fuzzy sets; Algebraic Linearization; Financial mathematics; Mathematical Biology.
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The Challenges of Leadership

Mr. Salim Ghauri, Founder and CEO of NetSol Technologies Ltd. paid a visit to the Lahore School on 3rd April 2018 to deliver a superb session to the MBA program on “The Challenges of Leadership”.

Salim, who has put NetSol on the global map, defined leadership in his own characteristic way by noting that the first thing a leader does was to back away in moments of glory, by giving it to his team, but taking responsibility in times of failure. Secondly, he said that a good leader delegated by disseminating power. He just could not be everywhere, every time. Thirdly, a good leader hired people who were smarter than himself and then got out of their way. He allowed them to try and for this he gave them leeway to take risk and fail. Fourth, a good leader learnt all the time. Salim said if an employee agreed with him three times, he (Salim) would be put off.
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The Human Challenge while taking a Small Company to the Next Level

Mr. Monis Rehman, CEO of, Pakistan’s largest internet-based employment advertising company, paid a visit to the Lahore School on April 5, 2018 and delivered a sterling session to the MBAs on “The Human Challenge while taking a Small Company to the Next Level”.

Monis noted at the outset that as organizations grow, as matter of fact they become less nimble and agile. The CEO wraps around him larger offices, secretaries, lounges, couches and so on. The Vice Presidents expect what they think their status deserves. However, this could damage organizations. But how to stay nimble and agile?
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Interview Skills

Jawad Gilani, Head of Organizational Excellence at Packages gave a talk to MBA students on Wednesday, April 04, 2018. He covered areas like interview giving skills and writing resume and cover letters. 

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Creative Brief

Mr. Muzakir Ejaz, General Manager at Mullen Lowe and Rauf gave a talk to the undergraduate students who are enrolled in the course of "Advertising" on Tuesday, April 03, 2018 at The Lahore School of Economics on " Creative Brief."


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Supply Chain

Mr. Salman Goheer, Director Supply Chain at Fauji Fresh n Freeze gave a talk to MBA students on Friday, March 30,2018. His talk was on Supply Chain, Distribution systems in SCM and Role of ERP and SCM in Pakistan.


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Asad Rizvi, Executive Director at Orientm Mccann gave a talk on "Advertising" to the MBA students on Thursday, March 29, 2018.


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Lahore School Annual Conference on Management on Pakistan Economy Concludes

The Lahore School of Economics Fourteenth International Annual (two days) Conference on Management of the Pakistan Economy concluded today. The second day of the Conference opened with a session determining an industrial strategy and optimal locations for industrial clusters and special economic zones. The session chair was Dr. Mujtaba Paracha (Secretary Industries, Government of the Punjab). Dr. Azam Chaudhry (Professor and Dean of the Economics Faculty, Lahore School of Economics) provided a brief overview of the sessions on industrial policy. The aim of these sessions was to explore the current industrial environment of Punjab to identify synergies and opportunities arising from China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and establishment of special economic zones. 

Dr. Azam Chaudhry proposed a systematic step-wise approach towards the formulation of an effective industrial policy which entailed: (1) identification of the right sectors for targeting, (2) deciding the optimal location of special economic zones and industry specific clusters, (3) maximizing benefits from CPEC related infrastructure development, (4) devising a strategic trade policy that supports industrial policy, (5) determining if lack of borrowing is simply a supply issue or does demand play a role, (6) defining the key role of innovation and technology in an industrial strategy, (7) realizing the importance of women and the environment, and finally (8) widely using firm level data as a key input for drawing coherent policy lessons. Subsequent presenters in following sessions discussed each of these dimensions in greater detail.
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Accelerating Economic Growth in Pakistan: Key Macro and Sectoral Drivers

Shaheen Naseer

The Lahore School of Economics’ Fourteenth International Annual Conference on Management of the Pakistan Economy started at Burki Campus on the 28 March, 2018. The theme of this year’s Conference is “Accelerating Economic Growth in Pakistan: Key Macro and Sectoral Drivers”. In addition to keynote lectures by renowned international scholars, the conference includes eight sessions highlighting some of the most important areas of research pertinent to Pakistan’s Economy. The regular sessions during the conference feature twenty five papers along with commentary from distinguished economists detailing the cutting edge research centered around macroeconomic stability, poverty, CPEC, industrial strategy, role of trade, change in the financial services industry and agriculture growth in Pakistan.

The conference opened with welcome remarks by Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry (Rector, Lahore School of Economics). He mentioned that the two-day event will include scholarly discourse on key macro and sectoral drivers of economic growth that will generate insights on the short run initiatives as well as structural and institutional measures designed to boost long run economic growth in Pakistan. He remarked that the issues the conference aims to address are very relevant to the challenges confronted by Pakistan’s economy at present. This conference will be an important contribution to the debate over key issues faced by the country and what can be done to address these. Highlighting the conference presentations, Dr. Chaudhry said that the papers on day one of the conference will provide the analytical basis for addressing burning issues faced by the country based on rigorous research on macroeconomic stability, poverty and CPEC. The day two of the conference will feature the industrial strategy, role of trade policy innovation and agriculture sector.
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