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Lahore School of Economics MBA for Professionals Admissions

Lahore School MBA for Professionals Admissions Deadline: June 1, 2016

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Length of MBA Programme for Full Time Working Professionals: The MBA for full time working professionals Programme is a 2½ year degree programme requiring completion of 66 credit hours. Class timings would be from 8.15 a.m.- 5.30 p.m on Sundays at the Burki Campus.

Credit Hours, Courses and Thesis: All courses are three credit hours each. Class contact hours for each course would be two meetings of 2 hours each per week for 12 weeks.

Entrance Requirements: This programme is intended for full time working executives. Admission to the Lahore School’s MBA Programme for Full time Working Professionals is regulated through an entrance examination and interview process. A four year BA/BSc/BCom/ BBA (Hons) degree with a CGPA of 2.5 is a necessary pre-requisite for regular admission into the MBA Programme for Full Time Working Professionals.

Programme and Admissions Information: The Lahore School of Economics Prospectus which includes programme and admissions information may be collected from the Lahore School’s Admissions Office at the City Campus. Prospective students are invited to visit the Admissions Office Mondays to Fridays between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

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Innovation in the Textiles Sector of Pakistan

Dr. Waqar Ahmed Wadho of Lahore School of Economics was a guest speaker in a seminar on Innovation and Technological Progress organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan on 27 April 2016 in Islamabad. The seminar was attended by officials of the ministry including Federal Secretary Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken, and chairs and directors of various wings/divisions of the ministry. Dr. Wadho discussed the findings of their new research (jointly with Dr. Azam Chaudhry, Professor at Lahore School) on innovation in the Textiles sector of Pakistan as well as on how their study could be used for the future research and policy making by the ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan. The findings of this research provide a detailed status of innovation activities and their intensities, the determinants and obstacles of innovation, as well as the impact of innovation on firm performance such as labour productivity and profitability. In the discussion session, participants highlighted the need of quality research for better policy making and showed their interest in collaborating with Lahore School of Economics for Ministry's proposed innovation survey.

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Lahore School of Economics Convocation 2016

Lahore School of Economics’ Twelfth Annual Convocation was held on 7 May 2016. Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry, Rector Lahore School of Economics conferred degrees and awards to graduating students (MPhil (4), M.Sc. (15), MBA (235), MBA for Professionals (98), BBA (Hons.) (411), B.Sc.(149) (Hons.) and BS (Hons.) (23).
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Activities of the Lahore School Department of Economics

I. Introduction

Over the last year, the economics department has expanded in terms of size and scope. Much of the exciting work that is being done on the research and teaching side is because of the dynamic young faculty in the Department of Economics. Their activities have ranged from constantly updating their course syllabi, to finding new ways of challenging their students, to engaging in cutting edge research with some of the best research institutions in the world, the faculty of economics has taken the lead. This work is now being recognized locally and internationally with a significant number of our students getting foreign scholarships for further academic work, a growing number of students being recruited by international development institutions and the private sector and a growing number of international publications.
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Lahore School Campus Life

Lahore School of Economics Photography Society organized its 2nd Annual Photography Competition from 13th March to 17th March 2016. In this competition there were total of 4 categories which included thematic concepts, monochrome photography, photo story, and photo scavenger. There were not more than two participants each team consisted of and total of 25 teams participated in the competition. Photo Scavenger hunt took place on campus where all other categories participants had an option to do anywhere in Lahore. In photo scavenger participants were given time of two hours to complete list of eleven activities.

On 17th March 2016 event photographer Osman Pervez Mughal came to give the workshop on improving techniques about framing and concept. Followed by the workshop Mr. Osman Pervez Mughal and Nikon Marketing Manager Mr. Faisal Malik judged the competition. 
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Lahore School Annual Play 2016

Dramatics Society in Lahore School of Economics organized two plays on 11th and 12th April 2016: Punjabi classical folklore Heer by Warish Shah and a farcical comedy Charley’s Aunt by Brandon Thomas.

It has been 250 years since Waris Shah’s magnum opus, Heer was written in Malka Hans, Punjab. The qissa undoubtedly stands at the centre of the Punjabi literary tradition, echoing across time, across genres, reinventing itself through the works of poetic giants such as Madhu Lal Hussain, Bulleh Shah and Sachal Sarmast. In addition to its intellectual value, Heer Waris has also had a vibrant performative life, animating Punjab’s folk tradition and consciousness through popular music and theatre. Today, the place of Heer Waris in the local imaginary is shrinking rapidly, making it more important than ever to re-visit the monumental epic to try to re-vitalise the historical cultural links which Punjab has lost.
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Lahore School Sports Gala 2016

Lahore School Sports Society organized Lahore School Sports Gala 2016 from 20 March 2016 till 25 March 2016. In this event more than 10 universities including Institute of Business Administration Karachi, Lahore University of Management Sciences, University College Lahore, CMH Medical College, King Edward Medical University, Beaconhouse National University, Akhtar Saeed Medical College, Lahore Medical and Dental College, University of Engineering and Technology, Imperial College Lahore, National University of Emerging Sciences, National College of Business and Administration participated.

In this gala there were 8 different sports which included cricket, hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis and futsal were played. Trophy was won by Lahore School of Economics whereas in Female Category the trophy was lifted by Lahore University of Management Sciences.
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Lahore School Young Development Corps

A Talk on the dynamics of Peace Building, Conflict Handling and General Career Counseling by Mr Hussain Nadim was organized on 14 March 2016. Mr Hussain Nadim is the Founding Director of the Peace and Development Unit at the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, Government of Pakistan, an Oxford graduate and also recognized by the Forbes Magazine as one of its global leaders under the age of 30 in Law and Policy.

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City Campus

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