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Pink Ribbon Campaign

Lahore School of Economics organized Pink Ribbon Campaign which is “to stood united against a cancer” on 19 October 2016. The honor of joining hands with such a noble organization was given to Lahore School Social Welfare Society (LS-SWS), which is made up of creative individuals who dedicate their time in bringing a sustainable change in the society. This year proved to be special as LS-SWS was able to make a contribution by raising good amount of funds.

LS-SWS hosted a one day event from bake sales to sports events planned for the student body with two main objectives: creating awareness about breast cancer in women and raising funds for a hospital being constructed for breast cancer patients in Pakistan by Pink Ribbon Organization.
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Lahore School of Economics Class of 2020 Batch Photo

Lahore School Photography Society aerial shot of batch of 2020 taken on 19 October 2016


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Lahore School Society of Literature Orientation 2016

The newly elected council for Lahore School Society of Literature hosted its orientation on 6 October 2016. The event began with outlining key motives of the society and its plan of action for the coming year. Students were urged to take a step back from their technology infused routines and open up to a warm world of literature. Stereotypes associated with readers were challenged as our welcome extended to avid readers, non-readers and simply curious people alike. “LSSL is about finding and nurturing yourself, no matter where you come from, “marked the end of Marib Maqsood (President LSSL) in his speech. Former President Ayesha Nazar said, “I am departing the society with a treasure of knowledge that I shall cherish for all times to come.”

An interactive games session followed after the speeches that served to break ice between members. Participants were each given a name of a fictional character to draw on a board with set rules. The audience guessed the character as the clock ticked away. The activities set a cheerful tone to the event. The new team presented a list of planned events for the upcoming months such as Slam Poetry Competition, Themed Fan Fiction Event, and Writing Workshop etc. The entire team showed its enthusiasm to kick start things with a bang.

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Dramatics Society Workshop

Lahore School Dramatics Society conducted its first workshop for the term on 16 October 2016 in Garden Café. The main aim was to encourage members and to incarnate their natural ability to pretend and act. In order to bring the students into the comfort zones they were warmed up with the games like “Splat,” “Molecule Walk” and “Trust Fall”. Different impromptu scenarios were given to them to act out. In this introductory workshop basics of stages acting were discussed.

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Consumers Research

Ms. Quratulain Ibrahim, the CEO TNS Aftab was invited on October 07 2016, to the Lahore School of Economics to deliver a lecture on ‘Consumer Behavior’ to the MBA students.

Ms. Quratulain Ibrahim defined consumer insight as a sense used by the marketers to understand human feelings and underlying beliefs. She stated that everything humans did stems from their passion and so it was very important for the marketers of today to understand what motivates target customers and their emotions.
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Lahore School Character Building Society - Orientation

The Lahore School Character Building Society held its orientation, for the Academic Year 2016-2017, on 7 October 2016. The aim of the orientation was to familiarize students with the Society.

The Vice president of the society, Ayesha Wajih introduced society’s aim - to help student learn various skill, such as stress management and time management, which will help them grow, and be successful in their professional, as well as personal, lives. The President of the society, Aiman Asif, then said that the aim of the society is to help the youth in tackling various issues they face in their daily lives.

The audience was also briefed about the events held last year. They were also informed of the various events the society will be organizing during the year. The Orientation concluded with a video, which was a revamp of our very successful stereotyping campaign.

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Consumer Behavior

On October 7, 2016, Ms. Quratulain Ibrahim, CEO TNS Aftab delivered a lecture on ‘Consumer Behavior’ to the MBA students.

"Everything humans do stems from their passion so it was very important for the marketers of today to understand what motivates target customers. Given the exposure and internationalization, real power is in the mind of the consumers."
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Social Welfare Society Orientation 2016

Lahore School Social Welfare Society organized its orientation on 3 October 2016. The objective of orientation was to introduce the society to the first year students and urge them to join the welfare activities to eradicate the social issues that prevail in society. The short video was shown which highlighted the achievements accomplished in previous years.

President Umer Khan motivated the members to believe in the “goodness within” and use it as a force to bring positive change around the world. Former President Tayyab Ifzal and Vice President Mohad Ghani were invited as guest speakers. Both of them shared their experience and importance of extracurricular activities especially social welfare to improve one’s understanding of the issues we face as society. They stressed that social engagement not only improves personal skills but also enhances one's ability to manage various things at the same time. The speeches were followed by mind games and presentation of the action plan.

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