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Fifth Annual Business Research Conference on Managing Business in Pakistan

21 – 22 April, 2017

Abstracts of paper presentations: 

Putting Investors First: Awareness of Investor Rights

Mr. Ashraf Bava, CFA, CEO, Nael Capital and President CFA Society Pakistan

Ashraf Bava’s career spans over 21 years with experience in broking and advisory business. He is currently working as the Chief Executive of Nael Capital (Pvt.) Limited. Before setting up Nael Capital he used to work for Elixir Securities, his last assignment at Elixir was as CEO of the firm. He has served on the boards of Karachi Stock Exchange and National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited in the year 2011. He also chaired the Trading Affairs Committee of the KSE in the same year and is currently the member of Broker Front Office System (BFOS) committee of the Pakistan Stock Exchange and a nominee Director of SECP on the board of Institute of Financial Markets. He is also serving as a member on the Standards and Practice Council of CFA Institute at global level and also volunteering as a grader for the institute. He has also been associated with World Bank Group in the capacity of a consultant. As an active volunteer of the CFA Society Pakistan he has worked in various volunteer positions and is currently serving on its board as President and Advocacy Chair.
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Lahore School of Economics And University of Oxford On Microfinance Products and Processes: Lessons from the Field

The second International Conference, jointly organized by Lahore School of Economics and University of Oxford, was held at Main Burki Campus of Lahore School of Economics on 13th of April 2017. The theme of the Conference was “Microfinance Products and Processes: Lessons from the Field”.The one-day event was devoted to discussions on the cutting-edge research in the microfinance sector. The conference brought together speakers from microfinance institutions, researchers and other stakeholders from Pakistan and outside of Pakistan to discuss main findings of the rigorous research of microfinance products and the key lessons of this research on the socio-economic welfare of Pakistan.

The conference started with the welcome remarks by Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry (Rector, Lahore School of Economics). He mentioned that the issues the Conference aims to address are very important and must be explored in detail. He commented that the global economic landscape is witnessing tectonic shifts in major economic powers of the world including the United States and European Union that already hints that the traditional models of running the world as well as financial systems are no longer valid. In particular, innovative strategies to boost growth in microfinance are very important for the well being of people in the country. He stressed the importance of active contributions by both academicians and policy makers to provide fresh and innovative perspectives on microfinance products and processes.
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Lahore School of Economics and University of Oxford Second International Conference

Microfinance Products and Processes: Lessons from the field
13th April 2017

About 40 percent of the South Asian population living on less than $1.25 per day and 74 percent subsisting on less that $2 a day. This suggests that a large proportion of the population in South Asia is particularly ‘vulnerable’ to external shocks. Research shows a strong positive relationship between financial inclusion and poverty reduction. However, Only 13% of the adults in Pakistan have access to a formal account, which is much lower than 31% in Bangladesh, 53% in India and 83% in Sri Lanka. Recent empirical results on microlending show that the standard microcredit model, with high interest rates and immediate repayment, seems unable to generate enterprise growth (Karlan and Zinman, 2011). In contrast, a growing body of empirical evidence suggests that savings products can be valuable for generating income and for reducing poverty (Burgess and Pande, 2005; Brune, et al., 2014).
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Recent Advances in Mathematical Methods, Models and Applications (RAMMMA17)

The Lahore School of Economics, Department of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences hosted, “Twelfth Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematical Methods, Models and Applications (RAMMMA17)”, on 8-9 April, 2017, at the Lahore School’s Burki Campus, Amjad Chaudhry Library.

The goal of this conference was to bring together mathematicians and users of mathematics to talk to each other, to transfer problems, ideas and methods from one community to the other, so as to enhance progress in understanding. The "RAMMMA" tradition has these key features: the number of participants is usually bounded above by 70 with a mix of pure and applied interests; there are no parallel sessions so that all participants focus on each presentation and fully engage in each topic; and there is ample time for discussion of each presentation. The areas of interest of this conference were (but not limited to): Basic axioms; Mathematical modeling of systems in applied sciences; Big data; Queuing theory; Financial mathematics; mathematical biology.
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