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Lahore School wins Pakistan Blog Award 2011

Lahore School of Economics blog wins Pakistan Blog Award 2011. The Awards were announced during grand and colorful Gala Night held on December 23, 2011 in Karachi and presented on January 12, 2012 by Mian Shahbaz Sharif, the Chief Minister Punjab in a specil event held in Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore.

Blogging, or ‘the new marketing and business communication tool’ as it is sometimes referred to, definitely seems to be the future of the Pakistan corporate world. Lahore School blog started on September 2004, when the word blog was not much known, and has come a long way. This blog has become a source of inspiration for large number of Lahore School students and faculty members to start their own blogs where they propagate their points of view, talk about topics of their choice and meet like-minded individuals or take an opportunity to explore subjects they are truly interested in.

On this occasion, I take the opportunity to call faculty, all young scholars and alumni of Lahore School to start their own blogs and join the ever expanding blogosphere.


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Graduate Study in the United Stated

Seemi Khosa, the Senior Advisor from The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEF) gave a presentation to the Lahore School graduating BBA/BSC Hons on ‘Students on Graduate Study in the US’ on Friday, December 09, 2011. The presentation was followed by interactive questions and answers session with the students [Saman Khan].

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Career Management

Adeel Anwar, Project Head of Human Resource Department at Metro Indonesia and Head of HR Development and Training at Metro Cash n Carry Pakistan gave a talk to the students of MBA and MSc (Economics) on Monday, November 28, 2011. His lecture covered questions like how does the Corporate Sector assess a fresh graduate, talent Management practices for entry level positions, job opportunities for fresh graduates in Pakistan, Fareast and Middle East.


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Talent management

Naila Hafez

Tahir Javaid, the Vice President, Human Resources and Public Affairs at Engro Corporation Limited gave a talk to MBA students on Friday, December 02, 2011. As part of the senior leadership team, he is primarily responsible for talent management and leadership development. Tahir Jawaid threw light on the hiring process at Engro. He talked about the various businesses of the company. He said that Engro always wanted to attract top quality human resource.

Engro has been recruiting graduates through career fairs and graduate recruitment programs. Engro provides challenging learning environment, where fresh employees can work with top industry professionals. Tahir Jawaid also threw light on Engro internships. He said that Engro offered internships to students who were willing to learn and have the ability to execute tasks with maturity and responsibility.

Students asked many questions regarding the recruitment process at Engro and career development. Interactive session was attended by some faculty and staff members as well.


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Anger Management Workshop

Lahore School Social Awareness Society (LS-SAS) arranged Anger Management Workshop on December 2, 2011 in Mahmood Chaudhry Library at the Main Campus. Omar Babar, an expert in personal development and character education was the guest speaker.

The Workshop highlighted different types of anger, such as “Positive Rage” or courage linking to one’s prestige, “Negative Rage” or the ego factor linking to external threats, along with causes and effective coping strategies for anger citing real life issues and examples from everyday life. Focus was on all aspects of anger management, with special emphasis on active, verbal and mental remedies. Omar Babar went on to discuss a mix of human nature and man-made social institutes and how our evolving lifestyles have contributed towards short temperament and violence over the past few years.
Most fruitful for the audience was Omer’s session where students gathered for one on one discussion of their ‘personal’ issues. Workshop imbued the audience with a sense of self-management and perseverance.

Earlier, Hiba Asad, the President and founder of LS-SAS introduced the Lahore School Social Awareness Society. "The Lahore School Social Awareness Society is a great opportunity for students to come together, share their visionary ideas, resolve major problems of our times to bring about progressive social change. LS-SAS has a strong base of members, who are well known for their depth and breadth of social work outside LSE. The Society is playing an important role in creating conducive environment by engaging the youth to resolve some of the most critical issues facing Pakistani society and the globalized world.

The Workshop that was attended by a large number of students and faculty concluded with interactive question and answer session, in which Omar Babar answered queries put forth by students.


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Dr. Azam Chaudhry

Azam Chaudhry is an Associate Professor and the Dean of the Department of Economics. He received his BSc (Hons) from the London School of Economics and MA and PhD degrees from Brown University. He has taught at Boston University and Brown University and has also worked with the World Bank in Washington D.C. He teaches macroeconomics and econometrics in the BSc and MS/MPHIL Economics programmes and is the editor of the Lahore Journal of Economics.

His publications include: “Corruption and trade liberalization: Has the World Bank anti-corruption initiative worked?” Lahore Journal of Economics (2005); “Political Competition between Countries and Economic Growth,” Review of Development Economics (2006); “Do Governments Suppress Growth? Institutions, Rent-Seeking, and Innovation Blocking in a Model of Schumpeterian Growth,” Economics and Politics (2007); “The International Finance Corporation’s MBA Survey: How Developing Country Firms Rate Local Business Training,” World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Number P53182; “The Effects of Rising Food and Fuel Costs on Poverty in Pakistan,” Lahore Journal of Economics (2008); “Total Factor Productivity Growth in Pakistan: An Analysis of the Agricultural and Manufacturing Sectors,” Lahore Journal of Economics (2009); “A Panel Data Analysis of Electricity Demand in Pakistan,” Lahore Journal of Economics (2010).

His areas of research interest include institutional economics, political economy, economic development and growth, and innovation and technology. Some of his current research projects are: Spillovers in technology adoption: evidence from a randomized experiment in Pakistan (with David Atkin, Yale University, Amit K. Khandelwal, Columbia Graduate School of Business and Eric Verhoogen, Columbia University), Patron-client relations in rural Punjab (with Kate Vyborny, Oxford University), Effects of external migration on school enrollments, accumulated schooling and dropouts in Punjab (with Rabia Arif, Lahore School of Economics) and Growth spillovers: separating the impact of cultural distance from geographic distance (with Rabia Ikram, Lahore School of Economics).


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