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A blessing in disguise?

By Dr Rashid Amjad

Over the last 30 years, Pakistan has signed as many as 12 agreements with the IMF. Only one was fully completed. In almost each case, the IMF left hoping that, this time, Pakistan would deliver on the almost impossible-to-implement conditionalities it had imposed. The Pakistan team left extremely unsure of how they would meet these conditionalities, already thinking of excuses or ‘waivers’ The situation was aptly described by Dr Meekal Ahmed, who worked for many years with Pakistan’s representative to the IMF, as “a road to nowhere”.

Post-1990, Pakistan’s growth plunged from a healthy rate of around six per cent in the preceding 30 years to just over half this number. The IMF attributed this downturn to Pakistan having failed to implement the agreed economic reform programmes. Pakistan’s rejoinder was that, not only was the economic cost of these reforms too high, but also that the reforms that were carried out had not produced the desired results. Indeed, in many cases, they had worsened the economic situation. A classic example was the virtual stagnation of the industrial sector: despite a more open economy and lower tariffs, competitiveness and growth had not increased, deindustrialisation had set in, and exports had stagnated in the absence of a comprehensive industrial policy.
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Lahore School Incubation Lab

The 1st cohort of the Lahore School Incubation Lab (LSIL) are now LIVE! To be eligible, you have to be Lahore School Alumni as well as available for full time to join LSIL for an incubation period of 4 months.

Download application form for 1st Cohort of LSIL here 

The Lahore School Incubation Lab is specifically designed facility to nurture and unveil the next generation of the Lahore School entrepreneurs. The facility is specially designed to mentor and support our own alumni to start their own ventures. The facility aims to provide support services and comprehensive expert guidance at NO COST for our own alumni. Some of the facilities being offered at Lahore School Incubation Lab (LSIL) are:

Office Space: Fully equipped office space with computers/laptops, a dedicated fiber connection, Wi-Fi, 24/7 power backup, and telephone line. The housed entrepreneurs would also have access to six hybrid Resource Centers offering access to digital repository along with huddle rooms (to be booked in advance) for discussions and formal meetings.

Mentorship: We can help startup founders by arranging training sessions, networking events, webinars and lectures with these distinguished professionals for mentorship and advice.

Co-Workers/Interns: Incubates may ask for the Lahore School student interns or graduate associates to assist them with research and their startup.

Training: LSIL aspiring incubates would also get to attend training sessions from veteran entrepreneurs and industry executives, dedicated to equip them with tactical education, methodologies and tools necessary for their entrepreneurial journey.

Funding Opportunities: Take benefit of our broad spectrum faculty and management connections to generate stream of referrals and leads to find the right investor for your business.

Refreshments: The facility has a built-in self-service kitchenette equipped with microwave, water dispenser and refrigerator. On the house coffee/tea would also be available to facility users.

Mail Services: Feel free to make LSIL your business address. For any official correspondence between your startup and external parties; the Lahore School postal services can be availed.

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Textile, apparel: Young innovative firms key drivers of job growth

Shahram Haq

Pakistani textile and apparel manufacturing firms, which are running on modern lines with a blend of innovation, research and development and technological upgrade, are more inclined towards contributing to employment opportunities.

At present, the newly established small-scale units were widely involved in making innovations compared to old and large textile units and their chances of success had improved, stated a study conducted by the Lahore School of Economics.
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