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Mr. Asad Riziv, Regional Executive Director, Orientm McCann, visited the Lahore School on 26th April 2017 to deliver a session on Marketing Strategy and Advertising to the MBA class. Asad is a regular visitor and a long-time friend of the Lahore School.

He told the class that advertising was his first passion and he still is in passionate love with his profession some 23 years into the profession. Advertising and Marketing were the engines of growth for companies and were not built out of magic – There was science to them. Advertising had moved from mind-share to emotional to viral to now cultural. The Zalima ad series had linked advertising back to a song by Noor Jehan.

Asad presented two case studies of good advertising – Amul, built on the taste of India but embedding humorous outlook on controversies and issues faced by most people in their lives and essentially around our ability to laugh at ourselves. The second one was around the share a Coke which originated from Australia and carried a lot of risk as the Coke bottle would replace their brand name with the names of the consumers.

Asad explained what an Advertising brief was – It needed to have an objective, delineate benefits, whether these were emotional or functional, the reason to believe and the expectations from the agency. One student asked Asad as to why ads flopped and he explained that one of the many reasons was that the input from the client could be unclear as in an unclear brief. Of course it could be that the message was not created properly and executed flawlessly. Sometimes consumers just did not get it.

He also discussed the hiring of the models which should ideally be done by the Agency but sometimes was done on the demand of the Client. What the agency looked for was resonance with the customers. The problem was that most ads use celebrities as celebrities but if you looked at the Oye Hoye success of the Fawad Khan ad series one could see that Oye Hoye turned the celebrity Fawad Khan into a character which led to the success of the ads.

Asad reminded the class to remember that different media require different kinds of ads. He was surprised to listen to radio ads asking listeners to remember the logo!

Asad responded to a variety of questions and was, as always, very popular with the students due to his passion for advertising and due to his low-keyed professionalism. He is a very valuable speaker and a friend of the Lahore School.


posted by S A J Shirazi @ 5/09/2017 12:14:00 PM,

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