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Two advertising gurus, Mr. Asad Rizvi from Orient McCANN and Mr. Shehzad Ahmed from Farighfour came to the Lahore School of Economics to address students of MBA on June 21, 2013. Their presentations were based on functions of an advertising agency and the process of making a proposal for the client.

Mr. Ahmed while providing insights of an advertising agency described the structure and role of different departments in an advertising agency. According to the guest, the account management unit played a vital role in an advertising agency. It basically bridges the gap between agency and the client. The account management department is responsible for daily liaison, providing deadlines, outlining budgets and so on so forth. He added that a typical account manager would no be able to sell the idea but a great account manager would always think like a brand manager and would know how to sell an idea. The guest while talking about creativity explained that creativity was all about breaking the norms. Mr. Ahmed said that creative department was the think tank of the agency. The advertising agency is responsible for everything starting with the brand positioning all the way to 360 degrees campaign. The creative department creates an idea and art/design department brings it to shape.
Mr. Rizvi from Orient McCANN started with explaining meaning of advertising to the students. He said that advertising was all about persuading people to change their attitudes and preferences. He also threw light on the history of advertising and how it was originated. Advertising is an organized way of communicating information about a product or a service with the masses. It is a paid announcement and is conveyed through pictures, videos etc. The guest added that advertising was a very dynamic field and revolved around thoughts and ideas.
Mr. Asad Rizvi then shared a case study of  a small meat shop located in Karachi. He also talked about the opportunities, barriers, challenges faced by Orient McCANN during the process of creating a proposal. He also touched upon 4Cs of marketing research i.e. culture, community, category, and consumer. He explained the students how the demand idea was finally generated by Orient McCANN.


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