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When it comes to accumulation of knowledge on the World Wide Web and presenting it to users in a friendly manner, SciTech Daily and Art & Letter Daily are the two Websites that cover almost every thing that is being writing on wide variety of subjects. Both the sites are very useful for students who want to broaden their intellectual horizon.
For news, analysis, and opinion on science and technology issues, SciTech Daily is a very useful source. Updated 6 days a week, it maintains about 60 items on its home page before scrolling them off the bottom. The page is arranged in three columns: "Features and Background", "Books and Media", and "Analysis and Opinion". In addition, they have a link to an archive of each column.

The format for their items is a short teaser -- typically one sentence -- and a single link, pointing directly to the source. Site search feature is also there. This site will not waste your time.

In addition to the meat of their content, they have handy link columns pointing to: "Breaking News", "Sci/Tech Publications", "Useful Media", and "Interesting Sites". They keep these lists small -- typically 20 or 30 links -- and the quality high.

Another, Arts & Letters Daily is also a fascinating clearinghouse of links to some of the best articles on the Web, with a strong slant toward the humanities. This too is updated six times a week in three main categories—Articles of Note, New Books, and Essays and Opinion -- the site is a lively collection of great reads across an impressive array of subjects and points of view.
The content makes both SciTech Daily and Arts & Letters Daily unique in the history of knowledge that only the Web could have spawned – economical, fast, smart and full of surprises. Thought these are only a compilation and achieving but after first few online visits, one realizes that putting them together involves imagination, energy, critical judgment and intense curiosity. Visit both the sites and find subject of interets there .


posted by S A J Shirazi @ 9/27/2004 09:48:00 AM,

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