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Career: GPA

Does your GPA matters?

Empirical observations show that students earn good grades. They work hard for this. Just how important are the grades to future employers? Are those long hours at the library and those all-night study sessions really worth it?

Keeping the grade point average (GPA) up can be vital to academic success. Slacking off could land any one on academic probation in the first place. Plus, maintaining a high GPA is crucial to those who dream of attending top graduate schools abroad.

Some time ago, most employers did enforce condition of academic standards on their applicants. All other factors being equal, employers were more likely to choose the candidate without asking about the grades, but things have changed now. Employers, local as well as multinational concerns, have started placing GPA condition in their employment Ads. Some even pay closer attention to the grades candidates have earned during junior and senior years than to the overall transcript. So those who have had poor grads should try to make up in the university education.

Employers also take a university's reputation into consideration. Lahore School of Economics has earned a good reputation in the job market.

Despite the fact that employers may not automatically cut you for your low grades, leaving it off of your resume completely may do you more harm than good. If you are a fresh graduate without experience and leave your GPA off your resume, you might find employers warily wondering how terrible your grades really are. One career adviser writes, “If there's no GPA on a resume, it is automatically assumed as under 3.0.”

Why let the GPA fall below your dream employer's minimum standards?

posted by S A J Shirazi @ 10/15/2004 02:44:00 PM,

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