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The hostels at the Lahore School of Economics, Main Campus, have had dramatic effects on students who reside on the Campus. Residents coming here with different aspirations, from mix backgrounds and dispersed geographical locations add to the hostel life.

Life at the hostel is much more independent than living at home. It gives a real life appeal and inculcates self discipline and responsibility that are important to lead a practical life.

The goal of the hostel is to be able to accommodate the students and provide a comfortable living. Lahore School does more than that. No complaints like space, congestion, overcrowding, noise.

In a bid to find their opinions, randomly picked resident students were asked how they find living in the hostels at the Lahore School. Responses vary and show how students have adapted to the life here.

Zunair Niazi MBA 1, dreams to get into the politics and progressive farming after competing his studies in the Lahore School and also abroad. He hails from Khanewal. Zunair thinks, “It is nice to have a separate furnished room to yourself, and sports and other recreation facilities at hand when studying is not the option. I feel the overall hostel experience here is one worth definitely having."

One of the residents Salman Altaf, MBA-1, who has come to the Lahore School from Peshawar says,” After graduation, I have aspire to join my father to run our pharmaceutical family business. But first, I will do a job in some reputed multinationals and gain on job experience. After staying in the hostel for over a month now, out from home for the first time in life, I have not missed my home yet.”

Ali Rahman is doing Bsc Hons, he intends joining MBA after that and, later, is aiming at going for higher studies abroad. He says, “Mornings and nights here in the hostel are really serene and the sky is clearer. Hostel cottages look better than what I had imagined.”

Rbia Tahir is in BBA-1. She goes to attend the classes in the City Campus and stays at hostel in the Main Campus. “Living with my mom, who is the warden, I am enjoying home as well as hostel life simultaneously. In the hostel, I like to be with Kirn, Nadia, Saila Batool, Zammar Batool, and Huma. They all are in senior class and so helpful in my studies," says Rabia.


posted by S A J Shirazi @ 10/11/2004 11:47:00 AM,

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