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Guest Academic at Lahore School of Economics

Dr. Anwar Hussain Syed was a guest academic at Lahore School of Economics (Center for Research) on Saturday (Feb 26, 2006). Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, USA. Professor Dr. Syed is on a visit to Pakistan under US Aid Sponsorship these days. Dr. Syed has authored many books including the Philosophy of Walter Lipman, one on American local government and two other books on politics of Pakistan.


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Lahore School Guest Speaker

Mr. Allan Larrson, former finance minister of Sweden addressed Lahore School of Economics faculty members at the Main Campus.


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Lahore School Parliamentary Debate

The Lahore School - Association of Debaters (LSEAD) organised a 'Demo Parliamentary Debate' at the City Campus on Saturday 4th February, 2006. It was attended by some of the most established names of Pakistani debating circle including the following: M. Anwaar Ul Haq, President UET-DS 2002-05 S. Hasan Belal Zaidi, President GCU-DS 2004-05 Omer Saeed Khan; Coordinator LDS-GIKI 1995-1999 Ali Malik, Coordinator UET-DS 1996-2000 Tughral Turab Ali; Coordinator LDS-GIKI 1997 S. Aatif Bukhari; Chief Coordinator UET-DS 2002-2005 The event was organised to kickstart the debating season here at LSE and will be soon followed by an internal (3rd Intra LSE Debates) and an external tournament. By Ahmad Iqbal

Update: Also in Daily Times Campus Window (Feb 13, 2006)


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