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Inequality, Institutions and Intergenerational Educational Mobility: Dynamics of Change in Rural Punjab

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We analyse educational attainment over three generations in rural Punjab, Pakistan to determine if the fruits of post-independence development have translated into comparable rates of educational and social opportunities for all strata in the village economy. We show that differences in class status institutionalized at the time of colonial village settlement lead to a sustained divergence in the rate of intergenerational educational mobility, with limited mobility for non-proprietary and marginalized groups compared to proprietary groups.
Dr. Ali Cheema
The inter-class differences in the rate of mobility are higher in proprietary landed estates where the colonial state concentrated land rights and governance in the hands of landlords compared to crown estates that had a more egalitarian arrangement of land rights and governance. We find that the divergence in inter-class mobility is worrying, so much so that the current generation of marginalized households appears to have fallen a generation behind in terms of educational attainment even though it physically resides in the same villages as the proprietary households.

About the presenter:

Dr. Ali Cheema is a Senior Research Fellow at IDEAS. He is also an Associate Professor of Economics (currently on leave) and a former head of the economics department (2004-2007) at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore, Pakistan. He is also one of the founding members and a research fellow at the Center of Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP) and the co-lead academic of IGC Pakistan. Dr. Cheema has extensive experience in research and policy work in the areas of political economy, governance, the applied economics of skills and the labour market. He was a member of the Initiative of Policy Dialogue (IPD), Columbia University, Task force on Decentralization and was one of the founding members of the Stockholm Challenge Award winning portal, Relief Information System for Earthquakes, Pakistan (RISEPAK). His current research is on the applied economics of crime, social exclusion and skills acquisition.

A Rhodes Scholar, Dr. Cheema holds a BA (Honors) degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford, and a BA in Mathematics and Statistics from Government College, Lahore. He received his MPhil in Economics and Politics of Development, and a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

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