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Ms. Ashba Kamran, Social Entrepreneur and founder of Foundation of Rehabilitation and Education of Special Children (FRESH) came to the Lahore School of Economics on April 2, 2013 to give a talk on Social entrepreneurship to the students of BBA IV in the Mahmood Chaudhry Library.

Ms. Kamran explained the reason behind the creation of FRESH. When she found out that her son was suffering from Developmental Delayed Syndrome, she wanted her child to be as normal and competent as other children. Realizing that there was a complete absence of professional help in the form of supportive information for parents and educational options, she was motivated to help others suffering from the same problem and thus FRESH was found with an aim to provide quality education and vocational training for children with special needs and for slow learners.
The speaker defined social entrepreneur as a person who not only indentified the problem in a society but also tried to provide solution by innovation. According to the speaker, a social entrepreneur is a recruiter as well as a facilitator of local change makers. She pointed out that our society’s spending in social sector was less than many African Countries. The guest also introduced her organization by the name of Association for Difficulty in Learning (PADL) and encouraged the students to become its members as it was the journey of hope.

The speaker said that Corporate Social Responsibility did not only involve giving donations, but to create awareness and to create jobs for special people. She insisted the youth to contribute towards creating harmony between Social Entrepreneur and Business Entrepreneur. The speaker suggested how different multinationals could play their role in bringing change in a society.
At the end, Ms. Ashba Kamran emphasized that business entrepreneur and social entrepreneur when collaborated, could bring a huge change in our society (Atika Zaid).


posted by S A J Shirazi @ 4/04/2013 10:31:00 AM,

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