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Mr. Badar Khushnood, “Entrepreneur in Residence” of BRAMERZ, previously of Google, alumnus of the Lahore School, along with his team Haris and Tamkinat, delivered two outstanding sessions on DIGITAL MARKETING at the Lahore School of February 18-19, 2015 in the Marketing Strategy course of the MBA program.

Badar, who has worked for Google, Nishat Mills, SMEDA and even for Ali Baba, and is one of the most experienced and successful Digital Marketer in the country, was welcomed at the Lahore School – his alma mater, with open arms. The presentations, and the sessions of questions and answers, were both handled by the three-member team jointly.

He proudly shared with the MBA students his current work with some of the leading brands of Pakistan. Digital Marketing was growing at a fast pace, and he urged the MBAs to start thinking of a career in this area.

Badar, and his team, argued that digital marketing was a better bet than “non-digital” marketing in many ways as the former was more cost effective, more likely to increase sales, was more targeted without interrupting people’s lives (largely because it was targeting consumers who were already interested), was more amenable to measurement (marketing’s perennial problem), reached the whole universe of data as opposed to reaching a sample with its counterpart, and was more flexible in terms of operations (compared to shooting an ad in Bangkok, digital marketing could update an AD ten times in a day).

How did Digital Marketing work? The team showed to both classes how one must first listen to one’s audience (“grab” conversations), then research and monitor local events, and finally think of ways to engage with your audience so that they will come to you..

Team Bramerz then shared their major success story of Domino’s with the two classes, as to how Digital Marketing helped the chain increase their sales in Pakistan from a point in time when there was negligible social media marketing, no measurable data and little community management to the strength they now enjoy. Badar also explained how Google acted as a trader between the publisher and the advertizer.

In response to questions, Badar explained that the best way to convince old style CEOs to shift to Digital Marketing was to show them the eventual “death” of the business. He believed many companies were “over advertising” as they had to use up the budget lest they were allocated lesser budget next year.

Dr. Aamir Khan of the Lahore School thanked Mr. Badar Khushnood on behalf of the Lahore School and hoped that the latter would keep returning to his alma mater to engage and teach its students.

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