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The latest issue of the top ranked Lahore Journal of Economics (Volume 22-1, January-June, 2017, ) is now available online.
This issue covers following topics:

The Statistical Value of Injury Risk in Pakistan’s Construction and Manufacturing Sectors

Ahmad Mujtaba Khan and Asma Hyder


The authors look at injury risk against occupation and industry, using data from the Labor Force Survey for 2013/14. They focus on five blue-collar occupations in two industries (construction and manufacturing), which tend to account for the highest number of injuries. The authors find that the statistical value of injury in these occupations is too small to reflect the wage premium that workers should be paid for risky jobs.

Agglomeration and Firm Turnover in Punjab

Marjan Nasir


The author conducts a firm-level analysis to gauge the impact of agglomeration on firm entry and exit in domestic industries in Punjab, Pakistan. The results illustrate how certain industries exist in clusters while others are highly dispersed. The results also suggest that higher rates of firm entry and exit are associated with highly agglomerated industries.

Corporate Financial Leverage, Asset Utilization and Nonperforming Loans in Pakistan

Ijaz Hussain


The author applies panel least squares and fixed effects to a sample of 40 banks for the period 2006–14 to identify the key determinants of nonperforming loans (NPLs) in Pakistan. The findings suggest that, in addition to some macroeconomic and bank-specific variables, the corporate debt–equity ratio and financial burden have a positive, significant impact on NPLs, while corporate asset utilization and the diversification of bank activities significantly reduce the volume of NPLs.

Is There a Causal Relationship Between Financial Markets in Asia and the US?

Amalendu Bhunia and Devrim Yaman


The authors examine whether there is a causal relationship between selected stock markets in Asia and the US. Based on stock values from a sample of nine Asian stock markets, the authors find a positive correlation with US stock market prices in most cases, the exception being Vietnam. Their results indicate significant long-run and short-run causality in both directions between the Asian and US stock markets. These findings show that, while both sets of markets are integrated, there are still valuable opportunities for international investors to diversify their portfolios in the US and Asia.

The Impact of Rural Electrification on Education: A Case Study from Peru

Julio Aguirre


The author examines the indirect impact of rural electrification on education. It finds that the greater the likelihood of a household being connected to the electricity grid, the more time the household’s children are likely to spend studying at home. This finding is interpreted as indirect evidence of an improvement in levels of schooling. The study’s LATE estimates reveal that providing households with access to electricity leads to children studying an extra 94 - 137 minutes at home per day, on average.

Deprivation Counts: An Assessment of Energy Poverty in Pakistan

Rafat Mahmood and Anwar Shah


The author examines the energy–poverty nexus in Pakistan at the national and provincial level, using the multidimensional energy poverty index. Based on data from the Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey for 2010/11, the authors find that the average household in Pakistan is 26.4 percent energy-poor. The study shows that the incidence of energy poverty is higher in rural areas than in urban areas, with a similar trend at the provincial level. A comparison with findings based on data from 2008/09 shows a slight decrease in energy poverty at the national level.

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