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Lahore School of Economics Convocation - 2014

Lahore School of Economics’ Eleventh Annual Convocation was held at the main campus on Jan 25, 2014. Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry, the Chairman and Rector Lahore School conferred degrees and awards to graduating students.

In his welcome address, Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry highlighted the role of Lahore School of Economics during the last two decades (since its founding in 1997). The Lahore School today has four Faculties and Departments – The Faculties of Economics and Business Administration and the Departments of Social Sciences and Environmental Sciences and Policy. It has also three Centres – the Centre for Mathematics and Statistics, the Centre for Media Studies Art and Design, the Centre for Research in Economics and Business – and the Graduate Institute of Development Studies. The Faculties, Departments and Institute offer PhD, MPhil, Masters (including MBA) and Bachelors Programmes.

Lahore School student body comprises of about 3100 students of which 650 are graduate students. Today, the Lahore School of Economics is graduating 967 students (18 are graduating with MPhil comprising of 3 MPhil in Business, 8 MPhil in Economics, 7 MPhil in Environmental Science and Policy, 289 with MBA, 3 with MSc in Economics, 420 with BBA Honours, 125 with BSc Honours in Economics and 12 with BS Honours in Social Sciences). This record of academic achievement is supplemented with an extensive list of world class research published in leading academic journals and with ongoing research being conducted jointly with some of the world’s leading universities including Oxford, Colombia and Yale.

The Lahore School takes pride in the quality of its student body and works hard with them to ensure that they achieve their highest potential. Thus in addition to one of the most rigorous academic programmes in Pakistan the student body participates in a wide range of activities including debates and social work, together with a range of sports activities. As a result of all these activities the Lahore School graduates are amongst the finest being produced in Pakistan and more than 200 of the country’s leading firms and many of the world’s leading universities compete for Lahore School graduates.

The Rector said, “As the graduating students of the Lahore School of Economics take leave from this beautiful campus and its protective environment I would like to remind them that the Lahore School of Economics exists only to serve Pakistan. It was created to provide the academics, managers and workers who will become the strong foundations of tomorrow’s Pakistan. Pakistan today faces great challenges and you will need all the strength in the world and all the skills that the Lahore School has given you and the additional skills you will acquire over your lifetime. We have been together these many years, our faculty and staff have grown to know you intimately and we have full faith that you will live up to the challenges to create a happier, more prosperous Pakistan.”

Addressing the broader national economic issues facing Pakistan today Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry said, “The Lahore School of Economics prides itself regarding its knowledge of the Pakistan economy. I know that many of you sitting have today wonder what the future holds for Pakistan’s economy. I would like to state that the Lahore School of Economics believes that Pakistan has already achieved a marked success in that today Pakistan’s economy has been stabilized after a period of gross mismanagement. It is true we are facing grave challenges- particularly in the balance of payments and energy sector. However, macro-economic and sectoral policies for the economy are now on the correct track. Long term policies – both macro-economic and sectoral have been and are being developed. Pakistan’s greatest weakness was its inadequate tax base. This is being rapidly remedied. The major problem of inadequate electricity tariffs has been corrected. If the Lahore School has to identify a continuing weakness, it is Pakistan’s external sector and its export and import policies. Exports may benefit from the GSP Plus granted for 10 years by Europe. However, much more work needs to be done to create an effective export regime. The Lahore School next Annual Conference on the Management of the Pakistan Economy scheduled for end March 2014 focuses on the external sector, and we hope that we will be able to provide further insight in this regard.”

On a bright, sunny day, entire Lahore School main campus was tastefully decorated. Students dressed in robes and their proud parents added to the beauty of the campus.

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