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SME and Entrepreneurship Management

Mr. Aurangzeb Bhatti, CEO and Founder of Nankana Resort and CTO at The Safe City Lahore Project, was in Lahore School of Economics to deliver a lecture on ‘SME and Entrepreneurship Management’ to MBA students on Mar 6, 2017.

Mr. Aurangzeb Bhatti talked about the business opportunities in Pakistan, especially those which promote entrepreneurial practices. He explained to the students how the tragedy of 9/11 shifted the focus of the investors who began investing in other parts of the world and how this gave birth to ‘Asia Pivot’. This meant that the wealth was coming back to Asia, and with that the opportunity of launching businesses also emerged. Next, he talked about CPEC and the opportunities it has brought to Pakistan. Mr. Bhatti predicted that this is bound to create lots of new opportunities.
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Brand and Advertising Management

Mr. Shakeel Khokhar, CEO Bates Interflow was invited to the Lahore School of Economics to deliver a lecture on ‘Brand and Advertising Management’ to the out-going MBA students on March 02, 2017.

The speaker explained what the term brand means in the advertising industry. “Brand is the lasting impression, an unspoken contract and a promise and that aims to convey to the consumers through advertisements,” he said. The goal of an advertisement, and hence an advertiser, is to make the brand in question relevant and important and this Mr. Khokhar stated can be done through proper positioning and storytelling. Next, he conducted an activity on these very lines which not only showed to the students all the backstage workings of brand development and positioning, but also showed to them how idea generation takes place in advertising agencies.
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