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Quantifying Sales Force Success

Lahore School of Economics conducted a Module on “Case-based Quantitative Evaluation Framework of a Sales Force Team” on Sunday, 14 July 2024 on its Burki campus.

The Module was focused heavily on using quantitative data to measure the individual performance of a Sales Force team, and arrive at the job description of a sales team manager from ground-level data upwards (rather than a priori).

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Lahore School of Economics Admissions 2024

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A Recipe for Success

Ms Sarah Khalid, Food blogger, Social Media Personality, Culinary Consultant, and exporter, paid a visit to the Lahore School of Economics on 12 July 2024 to speak about her journey. 

Sarah completed her undergraduate in Economics and Finance in 2008 and an MBA in Marketing in 2009, both from the Lahore School of Economics and ran an events management company till 2015. Learning culinary skills from her self-taught baker-mother, she entered the food arena and during Covid introduced ‘cheese platters’ earning the culinary curator awards. She was fascinated by wood-fired Italian ovens and her husband’s company engineers helped design a proto-type oven. She also manufactures and exports brick ovens. She also has a collaboration with Sazgar rickshaws which she customizes.
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Lahore Journal of Business

 Full Text Articles, The Lahore Journal of Business, Volume 11, Issue 1, Apr - Sep 2023

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Nation-building is incomplete without the involvement of women

Ms. Munaza Hasan, Senior Teaching Fellow at the Lahore School of Economics, presented her research on the power of language and the importance of inclusive language at the Regional Inclusive Justice Symposium in Islamabad, hosted by UN Women and the Federal Judicial Academy. Her research highlighted the role language plays in shaping gender dynamics and advocates for the use of inclusive language to promote gender equality. Ms. Hasan emphasizes that women, who make up approximately 50% of Pakistan's population, are essential to the nation-building process, and their involvement is vital for a more equitable and just society.
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City Campus

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