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Management of Pakistan Economy

The Lahore School of Economics is organizing an International Conference on Management of Pakistan Economy on n April 28 – 30, 2005 at its Main Campus. The Conference will bring together a group of distinguished policymakers, academics, and international experts related to economic management. Many of them would be are presenting papers on various aspects of the management of the economy of Pakistan. Some of the subjects to be discussed are Entrepreneurship, Private Investment and Economic Growth, Managing the Public Sector Development Program, Breaking out of the Dept Trap, Issues in Monitory Management, Raising Productivity and Incomes in the Agrarian Economy, Facing the WTO Challenges, Investment in Education and Skill Development, Why Employment Matters and Governing the State.

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Lahore School of Economics Admissions

Admission process for Bachelors and Masters Programs has started in the Lahore School of Economics. Prospectus and application forms are now available from the School. Students with exceptional SAT scores (1200 and above) and GMAT scores (500 and above) are also invited to apply for admission in advance. The special admission procedure is open from Jan 1 to May 31 each year. Important dates are as follow:
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Vision -- Mir Jamal Zaidi

Lahore School student Mir Jamal Zaidi is very capable and bright young man. He is very active and takes part in all activities -- in or outside the class. In Talent Hunt 2005, he won the applause of his fellow students when he played guitar with an excellent skill. Jamal has futuristic vision. Hailing from Multan, Jamal knows what he has to do in life and is working hard for the goal. Fact that he cannot see does not bother him. Yes, he lost his complete eyesight some three years ago. But, he feels the academic environment in the School and loves it. Jamal says, “My educational experience in the Lahore School is very enriching. My teachers as well as peers all go out of the way to help me and I love being here.”

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Talent Hunt 2005

Students at Lahore School are encouraged to pursue self-initiated projects and to produce high quality work in curricular as well as extra curricular contexts. A talent hunt Musical Evening was held in Lahore School of Economics City Campus on Saturday, Mar 19, 2005. Photographs of the event are in zeitgeist down the sidebar.

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Lahore School Debating Society -- Update

The Second LSE Declamation and Debating Competition was held on Saturday, Mar 12, 2005 in the City Campus of Lahore School of Economics. Maliha Mansoor Bsc I, Mehreen Shafiq BSc I, Zain Tanveer Bsc I and S. Ali Abbass Bsc II got first four positions whereas Ahmad Babar got consolation prize. Photographs of the event in zeitgeist down the sidebar.

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Lahore School Debating Society

The Second LSE Declamation and Debating Competition (Urdu as well as English) is scheduled to be held on Saturday, Mar 12, 2005 in the City Campus of Lahore School of Economics. Good discussion on topics from March of Science” to “I am a Genetic Disaster” and many more is expected.

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Lahore School Excursion Society

Lahore School students and some faculty member are on a visit to Uch – one of the famous travel destinations in the heart of Cholistan. Archeologists say that Uch is one of the places inhabited since Indus Civilization. This is where river Hakra was lost. But so much is still there to see.

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Job Openings -- Fall 2005

The Lahore School of Economics is offering Assistant, Associate and Visiting Professor Positions for the Fall of 2005. The Lahore School is one of the leading research and teaching universities in Pakistan, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in the areas of economics, management, political science and information technology. The Lahore School offers competitive benefits (including accommodations and airfare for travel abroad) for qualified full-time and visiting faculty. Visiting faculty positions are also available for the summer semester and these positions include international airfare and accommodations in Lahore. If interested, contact: Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry, the Rector of the Lahore School, at: Additional Information about the Lahore School of Economics is available on the Lahore School's website.

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City Campus

104 - C, Gulberg III,

Lahore, Pakistan.

Phones: 92-42-35714936, 38474385

Fax: 92-42-36560905

Main Campus

Intersection Main Boulevard Phase VI

Burki Road

Lahore, Pakistan.

Phones: 36560935, 36560939

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