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Lahore school in the Exam Mode

Amilia Sohail

The midterm exam week calms down the otherwise hyper active campus life. It seems there are very few people around, consequent of the midterm exam week at the Lahore School.

Students busy studying for their exams. We spotted large number of students in the in the libraries - comparing notes with each other, going through note books to quickly review with the intention to absorb and retain as much as possible, quick looks to see what the other person is studying, another glance at mobile phone to check for SMS from a friend to hint at some important topic that must be prepared for the exam. 

Faculty members can be spotted hurrying towards the auditoriums or their offices, preparing to conduct the exams and invigilators eager to reach their duty spot and get organized. You can never ignore the presence of peacocks strolling gracefully; they are a permanent feature, complimenting the beauty of the Lahore School Burki campus at all times. Even at times as stressful as exams it is pleasant and relaxing site. 

Well, I think form the students’ perspective it is the best time to measure one’s own progress and know ones strengthen and weaknesses. The nice part is that there is still time to improve and score better grades till the finals. Good Luck to everyone.

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Dr. Waqar Ahmed Wadho

Dr. Waqar Ahmed Wadho is Assistant Professor of Economics at the Lahore School of Economics and Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Research in Economics & Business (CREB). He has a PhD (2011) and MS (2007) in Economics from Groupement de Recherche en Economie Quantitative d’Aix Marseille (GREQAM), Aix-Marseille University, France and M.Sc (2004) in Economics from Quaid I Azam University, Islamabad. His PhD dissertation was in quantitative economics with focus on the Economics of Corruption. This research included three theoretical papers: 1) Control Rights, Bureaucratic Corruption and the Allocation of Resources, 2) Steal If You Need: Capitulation Wages with Endogenous Monitoring, 3) Education, Rent-seeking and the Curse of Natural Resources.

Dr. Wadho is teaching Advanced macroeconomics in the MPhil Economics program and macroeconomics in the undergraduate program. His published research includes “Control Rights, Bureaucratic Corruption and the Allocation of Resources”, European Journal of Law and Economics, 2011; “IMF Stabilization Programs, Policy Conduct and Macroeconomic Outcomes: A Case Study of Pakistan”, (with Hakro, Nawaz) The Lahore Journal of Economics, 2006. His research interests include economics of corruption, growth and development, governance, political economy and public economics. His current research project includes topics related to corruption and growth, monopoly and innovation.


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Lahore School wins GIKI English Parliamentary Championship 2011

Sidra Rana 

The Lahore School has won the GIKI English Parliamentary Debating Championship 2011 held at GIKI University from the 11th to the 13th of February 2011. 

The team comprised Shahzeb Irshad, Zain Haider and Zarak Shah who beat UCL in the final by a 5-2 decision to lift the trophy. In the Urdu Parliamentary debates, the Lahore School finished as runners up in the competition after an intense debate. The team comprised Ahmad Butt, Usman Leghari and Zunerah Ahmad. Ahmad Butt also won the award for the best speaker tournament in the Urdu category.


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Memorable moments from Lahore School Debate 2011

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Lahore School of Economics website

The Lahore School of Economics website has a face lift and many new features. Have a look here.


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Lahore School Alumni Dinner in Karachi


Lahore School Alumni Dinner was held on January 29, 2011 at Marriott Karachi. Khalid Mansoor, Shamla Chaudhry, Tayyaba Kamal and Naila Hafeez from Lahore School of Economics and Lahore School Alumni in Karachi attended the dinner.

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The Lahore School Debate Results

LUMS won both the Urdu Parliamentary and English Parliamentary Competitions at the Lahore School Debate and Declamation 2011

English Category:
Best Speaker: Junaid Bin Naeem from PAF Academy Risalpur
Runner Up: Kamran Hussain from GCU
Consolation: Tamara Saleem from SISA
Urdu Category:
Best Speaker: Sayyeda Sana from Agriculture University Faisalabad
Runner Up: Waleed Ahmad from PAF Academy Risalpur
Consolation: Israr ul Hasan from Punjab University

Best Speaker English Parliamentary Debate was awarded to Fatima Bukhari from UCL
Best Speaker Urdu Parliamentary Debate was awarded to Ali Zafar from GCU

PAF Academy Wins Declamation Competition at the Lahore School Debate and Declamation 2011


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The Lahore School Debate Feb 4-8, 2011

Happening Now


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The Lahore School Debate - 2011

Feb 4-8, 2011 

The Lahore School of Economics is hosting its fifth annual debate and declamation competition 2011 from February 4-8, 2011. The grand event will include an English Parliamentary, Urdu Parliamentary and Declamation competitions. The competition will follow the three on three Asians style for both English and Urdu competitions. With hundreds of competitors, many teams are participating, with 40 teams competing for English Parliamentary Championship, 16 teams competing for Urdu Parliamentary Championship, and 35 teams participating in the Declamations Competition. Teams from various institutions all over Pakistan, GCU, LUMS, AKU, FAST, UET, GIKI, UCL, LGS, SICAS to name a few, are participating. A special guest chief adjudicator, G. Rhydian Morgan from the United Kingdom, will also be joining the Lahore School host team. There will also be various social events such as a Formal Dinner, Masters Round, and a concert by Canadian band, Josh, as well.

The team: Waqas Arshad, Saad Khan Durrani, Zaid Nasir, Sidra Rana, Ahmed Iftikhar, Alishae Khar, Ali Akbar Abbas Rizvi, Umar Sahi, Anam Baig, Shahraiz Chishti, AB Hayat, Munam Ali, Affaan Khan Sherwani, Khawaja Talal Sadiq and Owais K. Rana

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Lahore School wins Shahjiwana Urdu Parliamentary Debating Championship 2011

Syed Ali Akbar Abbas Rizvi

The Lahore School of Economics  won University College Lahore Shahjiwana Urdu Parliamentary Championship held this year from Jan 28 - 31, 2011.  The team comprising Ahmad Butt and Affaan Sherwani managed to break into the Urdu finals where they beat the teams from Sialkot Medical College, Lahore University of Management Sciences and King Edward University to lift the Urdu trophy. The topic in the final was 'Ye aiwan Pakistan ko drone technology day ga' with the Lahore School successfully managing to propose the motion. In the English category the team comprising Syed Ali Akbar Abbas Rizvi and Shahraiz Chishti managed to break into the semi finals of the competition. [Also here]


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Lahore School wins English Parliamentary Debating Championship

The Lahore School won the Beaconhouse English Parliamentary Debating Championship held at Beaconhouse A-Levels Gulberg Campus from the 21st to the 23rd of January 2011. The Lahore School was represented by the team of Saad Sohail, Shahraiz Chishti, Syed Ali Akbar Abbas Rizvi and Wase Imran in the competition. The Lahore School beat the team from LUMS in the final while debating on the topic, “This House Believes That the government should balance its diet.” The team talked about the need for all developing nations making a move towards self sustainability rather than reliance on foreign loans and aid and eventually won the competition by a 4-1 split decision.

Wasae Imran also won the award for the best speaker for the tournament. [Also here]


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