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Recent Advances in Mathematical Methods, Models and Applications

Amidst distinguished mathematicians, physicists, statisticians and academicians from all over Pakistan, the Lahore School of Economics hosted atwo day Mathematics conference titled Lahore School conference on Recent Advances in Mathematical Methods, Models and Applications (RAMMMA ) concluded on April 20, 2014.

On the first day (April 19, 2014) Dr Shahid Amjad Chaudhry, Rector, Lahore School of Economics, inaugurated the Conference by welcoming all the speakers and guests, with Dr Rana Abdul Wajid, Professor and Director, Centre for Mathematics and Statistical Sciences, Lahore School of Economics delivering the keynote address focused on the aims and objectives of the RAMMMA conference.

The theme of the Conference was to revive the RAMMMA tradition to learn, share and discuss emerging theories and applications of Mathematics. New research ideas to improve the models of real world problems were exchanged in order to derive innovative and efficient numerical methods that can better represent and resolve the problems in actuality. Development of approximate models was deliberated which are amenable to mathematical analysis. On both days of the conference, it was highlighted that there exists a non-trivial interplay between mathematics, mathematical modeling of complex systems and mathematics related computer methods oriented towards the qualitative and quantitative analysis of mathematical models and their applications.

The key feature of RAMMMA tradition is gathering researchers from a mix of pure and applied interests. More than twenty mathematicians and physicists presented ideas and research undertaken to confront issues persisting in the field of pure andapplied Mathematics. The generalized areas of interest of this conference were: Basic axioms; Mathematical modeling of systems in applied sciences; Queuing theory; financial mathematics; mathematical biology.

In the first half of the session, Tabassam Rashid from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences discussed Multi-criteria decision making for 2-tupe linguistic information. The area of decision making stayed under limelight with the talk of Dr. Samina Mazhar from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore who emphasized on multi criteria decision making. Professor Saleem Asghar from CIIT Islamabad Campus investigated the effects of nano particles on natural convection of water based nanofluids contained in an open rectangular cavity.

Dr. Muhammad Munir from Government Postgraduate college, Abbotabad, presenteda Mathematical model describing the effect of low and high BMI on the hemodialysis patients in which he tested the hypothesis and stressed on the results that patients with low BMI (Body Mass Index) have higher mortality risk than patients with high BMI. In the second half of the conference, Maira Samreen from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences talked on fixed point theory. This session was adorned with the talk of renowned physicist and mathematician.

Dr. Amer Iqbal from Lahore University of Management Sciences explained topological twists in multi-dimensional spaces. Pure Mathematics was persistent in the second half of the session with Dr. Muhammad Arshad from International Islamic University Islamabad, speaking on Fixed points in TVs valued cone metric spaces and Professor Showkat Rahim Chowdhury from University of Management and Technology, Lahore over his talk on Existence theorems of generalized quasi-variational-like inequalities for eta-h-pseudo-monotone type I operators on non-compact sets.

Maliha Rashid, researcher and PhD candidate from COMSATS, Lahore talked on fuzzy coincidence points and applications. Syeda Shan-e-Fatima, a statistician, from Government College University Lahore spoke on the variance of an estimator for the shape parameter of the BS distribution set unity inverse.Dr. Amir Ali from COMSATS, Lahore talked about Deformation of Channels in Fluid flow.

The first speaker of the 2nd day of RAMMMA conference Dr. Saleha Naghmi from Kinnaird College, Lahore spoke on “The Variance of an estimator of the parameter of the SIU- Nakagami- Ratio distribution” and shared some research problems from the working paper and requested feedback and from the Mathematicians.

Prof. Dr. Asghar Qadir from National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad dicussed “Linearization of 2-d systems of 2nd order by projective geometry”. Mr. Abdullah Shoaib from International Islamic University, Islamabad spoke on “Fixed points of contractive dominated mappings on a closed ball in ordered dislocated quasi metric spaces” and Dr. Muhammad Saleem from CASE University, Islamabad presented physical aspects of Mathematical method.

Dr Asma Khalid from Lahore School of Economics discussed “ Complete RCI preference and multiplicative preference relations.” Dr Hafiza Rizwana Kausar from University of Central Punjab, Lahore presented “Effects of charged anisotropic fluid on dynamics of gravitational collapse in f(R) theory.” Dr Sajjid Hussain from Government Post Graduate College, Layyah spoke on “MHD flow of micro polar fluids over a shrinking sheet with mass suction”. The last speaker was Dr. Amer Iqbal from LUMS who gave a very interesting talk on topological twists. The two day conference on “Recent Advances in Mathematical Methods, Models and Applications” came to an end with remarks given by Prof. Ismat Beg.

The tow days of the Conference witnessed an interesting discussion on some key developments in Mathematics. More than hundred delegates attended the conference.

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