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Bilingualism: access & equity

Dr. Sabiha Mansoor

The aim of current policy planners to establish a ‘national uniform system’ in education to ensure that all students have access to education and employment is worthy, and requires the attention of academic scholars and researchers. However, this policy raises several questions, a key one being: why should Pakistan adopt a uniform system when it is common knowledge in academia that the education offered in a country such as ours should celebrate diversity and embrace multilingualism?

Pakistan is a multilingual and multicultural state. Urdu, though it is the mother tongue of only a small portion of the population, is the official national language. English, a legacy of British colonisation, remained the second official language until 1973 and continues to enjoy a higher social status than Urdu. Research has shown that English is the language of power; it is used in higher education as a medium of instruction; and is the official language in the upper levels of administration, executive, judiciary and civil services. Meanwhile, our regional languages — mother tongues of a large population of Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, and Balochi speakers — remain ‘minority’ languages; they have a lower status, and play no significant role in education and officialdom.
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Understanding and managing people

Marek Minkiewicz, MD of Metro Cash and Carry visited Lahore School of Economics on 28 February and 29 April 2019 to give talks to Lahore School MBA program, Marek noted at the outset that retail is all about people – suppliers, customers, staff: Metro has around 2000 employees now in Pakistan and some 9 stores with some 50 billion rupees of sales. It was thus very important to understand and manage people.

He then explained in detail the history of Metro in Pakistan. In 2005 Makro partnered with the House of Habib in Pakistan whereas Metro decided to do it alone in Pakistan. In 2009 in line with the trend in Holland of divestiture Makro decided to wrap up in Pakistan. Eventually there was a merger of Makro and Metro.
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Human Side of an Organization

Mr. Suleman Ansar Khan, HR Head of FINCA, delivers a superb session to the MBAs at the Lahore School on the Human Side of an Organization on 17th April 2019. Mr. Suleman at the very beginning noted that the job will not come to you if you do not put in hard work because there is a lot of competition for fewer jobs.

The problem with interviews is that most people make up their minds about the candidate in a fraction of a second by looking how you look, dress up, your tonality (talk, walk), if you are slouched while sitting. Even during work employees develop “perception-based relationships”.
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Current Business Environment of Pakistan: Opportunities and Challenges

The 7th Annual Business Research Conference on Managing Business in Pakistan "Current Business Environment of Pakistan: Opportunities and Challenges” was held on the 26th and 27th of April at the main campus of the Lahore School of Economics.

Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry, the Rector Lahore School of Economics, inaugurated the conference by giving an overview of the current macroeconomic situation of Pakistan. He highlighted the various challenges that the current government had been facing mainly the current balance of payment crisis. He attributed serious fiscal issues related to taxes, the inelasticity of exports, the surge in imports and misplaced trade policy including previously negotiated Pak-China FTA as key factors that had eroded the growth pace of the Pakistani economy. Dr. Shahid Amjad aptly pointed out that strict fiscal adjustments were being made by the incumbent government. These aspects were evident from the restoration of all taxes on mobile phone top-ups. Similarly, both provincial and federal governments were gearing to collect taxes from the agriculturists in order to bolster revenue collection. In this backdrop, he further asserted that it had become imperative to negotiate an optimal deal with the IMF so that the loan adjustments with the international development banks could galvanize the current structural reforms of the present government in the long term.
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Career Mentorship Workshop

Lahore School of Economics Management Society organized a “Career Mentorship Workshop” for both undergraduate and postgraduate students on 3 May 2019. Ms. Tuba Ajmal and Ms. Sarah Zubair both working as brand managers at the Packages Limited, both alumni of the Lahore School were invited.

The purpose of the workshop was to enlighten students about the current work challenges and pressures of the modern corporation and to familiarize them how to successfully manage the demands of their profession. Both resource persons discussed about their current roles and work demands. They emphasized the relevance of leaning by doing in order to succeed in the modern corporation. They also shared the success stories behind the consistent growth of their respective brands in the Pakistani market. They underlined the challenges that were faced by women in the modern world and how to maintain work-life balance. Ms. Tuba Ajmal shared her personal examples in order to articulate the importance of work life balance for meeting modern work demands. The session was concluded after an extensive question answer session with the active participation from the students.


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Entrepreneurship and SME Management

Mr. Farhan Mirza visited the Lahore School of Economics on Thursday, May 02, 2019 to give a talk to the students of the undergraduate programme who are enrolled in the course of “Entrepreneurship and SME Management.” He discussed the following topics in his talk:


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