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In a recent survey, I was asked this question: What aspect of a job applicant with an MBA is most important -- the quality of the educational institution where it was awarded, the specialization, the motivation shown to have achieved a degree, or the applicant's personal attributes regardless of the course attended?

I rated the educational institution and personal attributes the most important, followed by specialization and motivation.

Let me justify my answer: Essentially employers in forward looking organizations growing with time are looking for top-level staff who have personal attributes that fit the criteria of doing a good job; attributes come from the years spent in educational institutions. A positive attitude towards achieving success in the job and good communication and interpersonal skills that top the list of most job interviewers' pre-requisites across all disciplines are learnt in the school from where one gets the degree. Specialization and motivation will follow.

This raises the question about students' choice of courses. The best students are those who have identified in which university they want to study, what course, and how it can help them advance their career.

For one student, MBA might well be the right path to follow. Those whose ambition is for general management organization should do so. "The MBA is a generic management programmed which provides practicing managers with an opportunity for personal development with a broadly-based introduction to all management subject areas and the theory and practice of management," writes Carol Blackman, a management guru. But an MBA is not the only choice for an advanced business education. Economics can be studied as MSc. This may lead down a more specialist, professional route of qualification, which is in demand from employers. Though MBA degree with economics, finance or accounting remains one of the most popular postgraduate qualifications.

Beware, from where one gets the degree is one of the most important factors of all.


posted by S A J Shirazi @ 11/19/2004 08:10:00 AM,

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