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Lahore School of Economics Dominates LAHORE’s University Sports Circuit

Sidra Rana

The Lahore School of Economics sports Gala 2008 saw Lahore’s top universities competing across a plethora of sports for the coveted title of the sports champions. The Gala saw an unprecedented display of domination by the hosts who lifted the champions winning trophies in three of the four contested sports and coming in as the runners up in the fourth. The Lahore School faced the Lahore University of Management Sciences in all four finals defeating them in basketball, football and badminton, while ending up as the runners up in table tennis. Imperial College, FAST, PAC, UCL, LUMS, UMT and the hosts the Lahore School of Economics participated in the championship.


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Lahore School Lifts the Kinnaird Debating Championship Trophy

Sidra Rana

The Lahore School of Economics Association of Debaters won the Parliamentary Debating Championship at Kinnaird. The team comprising of Society President Abdur Rehman, General Secretary Ali Hanan and Shahraiz Chishti represented LSEAD at the Championship and consistently beat the teams of FC College, Punjab University and LUMS. They met the Government College University Team in the finals where the motion was, “This House Believes that media serves business and national interests.” The Lahore School team was in the opposition and took down the case of the GCU team convincingly.


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Pakistan China Relations: Future prospects

Lahore School of Economics Professor Sajjad Naseer participated in Global Fulbright Conference held at the School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University, Beijing from 21-23 October 2008. Professor Sajjad Naseer delivered a lecture on Pakistan China Relations: Future prospects.


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Bake Sale for Baluchistan Earthquake Victims

Sidra Rana

Lahore School Social Welfare Society LS-SWS arranged Bake Sale on November 11, 2008 to raise funds for Quetta earthquake victims. Society’s members and other volunteer students from the University brought edibles for the event. In addition to the noble purpose the event was a big success as large number of students participated and enjoyed the home made eatables.

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Global Conference on Business and Economics, Florence, Italy

Saba Rana
Global Conference on Business and Economics (GCBE) is sponsored by International Journal of Business and Economics (IJBE) and Association for Business and Economics Research (ABER). Association for Business and Economics Research (ABER) is a multi-disciplinary academic and professional organization, which focuses on promoting interdisciplinary research of both a theoretical and practical nature.

It came as a pleasant surprise, when my paper got accepted for the Global Conference being held at University of Florence. Authors and discussants from all around the globe were to attend the conference. I presented my paper on the first day and received a very encouraging response. 

My session was conducted on the title of Ethics / Higher Education / Business Law Issues. The Chair person for this session was Yaman Erzurumlu from Dogus University, Istanbul. The presenters for the session were Janine Saba Zaka from Lebanese American University, she presented on “End of Semester Students Evaluation of Teaching Questionnaires: An indicator of Teaching Quality”, Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli from University of Florence, she presented on “Teaching Business: The Role of Language and Identity”, Cheng-Ping Chang and Hui-Fang Hsu from Southern Taiwan University, they presented on “The Study of Female Postgraduate Career Development base on Social Cognitive Theory”.

The title of my research paper was “Strategic Changes in Graduate Business Schools of Lahore”. My presentation and discussion session lasted for 30 minutes, it turned out that the chair person Yaman Erzurumlu was handling the business studies department in his University. After hearing my presentation he was highly impressed by the strategies adopted by the Business Schools of Lahore and he wanted to know the demand of our fresh graduates in the market. Janine Saba asked for my perception on the increasing competition in the education sectors. During the discussion session Belinda Crawford was curious to find out the factors that students consider before applying for admission in any university, also the procedure for selection of students in our university. Our Institution was in the lime light and discussants were curious to find out the system at the Lahore School of Economics. I felt auspicious to be a part of this prestigious institution.

It was an honour for me to present my Country and Lahore School of Economics at the Global Conference.


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Color Day Galore

Traditionally, Lahore School of Economics students celebrate different theme days. October 31, 2006 was celebrated as a black color of the day. Every one dressed in jet black attire made the campus very colorful. Images: Rayhan Sheikh


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