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GLOSSARY- Banking and Finance

GLOSSARY - Banking and Finance (English-English-Urdu, Fourth Edition-2013) by Dr Shakil Faruqi

The fourth edition of this bilingual Glossary in Banking and Finance in two volumes by Dr Shakil Faruqi has now been published by Lahore School of Economics, State Bank of Pakistan and Institute of Bankers. Earlier on, three editions in a single volume were published and printed by State Bank of Pakistan in participation with the Institute of Bankers.

The Glossary is helpful not only to those at academic institutions, but it is widely used by print media, legal scholars and lawyers, accountants and auditors. For the Lahore School alumni the Glossary is available at considerable discount. (Sales proceeds are donated it to promote the cause of education and learning in Banking and Finance in Pakistan.)

This bilingual Glossary of banking and finance covers terms and expressions commonly used in banking and finance, central banking, commercial banking, accounting, financial markets and economics. The bilingual feature of the Glossary is unique, since it provides bilingual understanding of operational and technical aspects of banking and finance both in English and Urdu languages.

This would be of assistance to bankers, teachers, and students alike, especially those engaged in Urdu medium training and education. The Glossary would be also helpful to the media, and Urdu press in Pakistan, and those concerned with precise rendering of English terms in Urdu language for business, financial, contractual, and juridical purposes.
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