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Annual WTO Chairs' Conference

Dr. Azam Chaudhry, Dean Faculty of Economics at the Lahore School of Economics and WTO Chair for Pakistan presented his research on trade at the Annual WTO Chairs' Conference in Geneva, Switzerland at the WTO during a special panel discussion with Dr. Ralph Ossa, Chief Economist of the WTO. Dr. Chaudhry also discussed the main messages from the WTO’s Annual World Trade Report 2024 which focused on making the benefits from trade more inclusive across countries and within countries.
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Measuring process innovation outputs and understanding their implications for firms and workers: Evidence from Pakistan

By Waqar Wadho, Lahore School of Economics & GLO, Azam ChaudhryLahore School of Economics


New processes significantly affect firms and workers; however, due to a lack of quantitative indicators, our understanding of the measures, determinants, and impacts of new processes remains limited. Drawing on unique data from Pakistan, we analyzed five different measures of process innovation output: cost reductions, defect rate reductions, reductions in production cycle time, increases in production capacity, and improvement in product quality. We find that the breadth and depth of innovative capabilities, level of competition, and availability of market sources of knowledge are important inducers of process innovation and that smaller firms are more likely to introduce new processes and are better able to transform them into higher output. All five process innovation outputs are associated with higher labor productivity and higher sales. We do not find that adopting new processes led to labor displacement; however, there is suggestive evidence that new processes led to the increased employment of skilled workers.

JEL Classification: O31, O32, O33, J23, J24

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Federal Budget

Pakistan Economic Survey 2023-24

Federal Budget 2024-2025

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Out Migration Back to Peak Levels

Over 850,000 workers seek jobs abroad in 2023

The Pakistan Migration Report 2024, third in the series published biennially by the Centre on Migration, Remittances and Diaspora (CIMRAD), Lahore School of Economics, was launched on June 11, 2024. Ms. Mio Sato, Chief of Mission, IOM Pakistan was the Chief Guest at the launch event. The ceremony was held at Lahore School of Economics, Burki campus. Dr Shahid Amjad chaudhry, Rector Lahore School of Economics opened the proceedings of the ceremony.

The 2024 report reveals that the international out migration numbers have returned to pre-Covid peak levels. The outward migration plummeted from 625,000 in 2019 to less than 300,000 during 2021, but surged to 862,000 by 2023 as the pandemic's effects waned. A significant portion of workers continue to migrate to Gulf countries, with Saudi Arabia retaining its position as the top destination, attracting half of all migrants. However, the report notes that around half of Pakistani labor migrants are still categorized as low-skilled or unskilled, despite a shrinking demand for such workers in Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, the UAE experienced, in the post Covid period, a notable increase in migrant inflows, rising to 27%. The report also points out low level of women representation in the international labour force migration as just 0.94% of the total.

Contrary to the media hype of the unprecedented “brain drain”, the report cautions that the exodus of the highly skilled and the highly qualified professionals is a misinterpretation of the official data. The percentage of highly qualified/skilled out-migrants has remained less than 10 % of all registered migrants for most of Pakistan’s migration history since 1971.
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Lahore School Summer School 2024

The Lahore School of Economics (Placements Office) is launching the Summer Program 2024. Registrations for the Summer Program Courses are now open. This Program will provide the participants an exceptional learning experience and a unique opportunity to add new skills to their profiles. Interested candidates can contact us on:

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Lahore School Programmes get ACCA Accreditation

Lahore School of Economics is pleased to announce that the following programmes have been accredited by ACCA:

BS Double Major in Accounting & Finance BS 

Double Major in Economics & Accounting

This accreditation grants exemption of 8 papers of the ACCA out of a total of 14.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK (ACCA) exemption accreditation certificate.

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Lahore School - University of Colombo Summer School


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Digital Marketing Workshops

Three-Session Workshop on Performance/Digital Marketing at the Lahore School of Economics - University of Colombo Summer Camp 2024 by Mr. Asim Malik

Mr. Asim Malik conducted a 3-Session Workshop on Performance and Digital Marketing from 29-31 May 2024 at the Lahore School of Economics - University of Colombo Summer Camp 2024. During the 3 sessions he elaborated on Performance Marketing, whether Digital Advertising was ATL or BTL, advantages of digital marketing, the Digital landscape of Pakistan, Brand Safety, abuse of social media, digital marketing strategies, definitions and operationalizations of key digital marketing metrics and KPIs, a ‘view’, MAU and DAU, recommended exposures, cohort overlaps, publishers and tracking displays of content, assets and the use of Keywords, types of audiences, and finally Attribution models and customer journeys. (All the abbreviations are explained below).

Asim noted at the beginning that Performance Marketing was based on conversion campaigns designed to drive sales and revenue. This was located within the Digital landscape which has changed in part and largely due to the ubiquitous presence and usage of the smart phone, as illustrated by the term ‘Nomophobia’ (anxiety and fear of being detached from mobile phone connectivity). In fact, our world is now moving forward to ‘Digital First Approach’.

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